Outdoor Sketching

“When the sun is smiling at you and inviting you to spend your afternoon under it and sketching,

you say ‘YES!’ with a smile 🙂 “


Well spent afternoon at the 2015 Treasure Hill Outdoor Sketch Event!

Treasure Hill is an artist village which holds many events each year such as art exhibitions, performances, etc.

Check it out if you visit Taiwan 🙂


I’ve always loved drawing, but have never gotten the chance to take any art classes.

Glad I have forgotten my passion for drawing, because today I took another big step!

I did my first outdoor and nude sketching 🙂 whoop whoop!


Since it’s outdoor sketching, you just pick a nice spot you want to draw and just plop yourself down lol

As you can see I just have everything scattered on the ground!

That’s what I love about sketching at Treasure Hill 🙂

IMG_0343 IMG_0338 IMG_0349

Once you sit for too long, you start sitting in all sorts of weird positions, and you don’t even realize it because you were too concentrated on sketching lolIMG_0382

Final product!

Almost ran out of time, but good thing I finished and is pretty satisfied with my first try 🙂

IMG_0383 IMG_0357