A friend that’s hard to make (sigh)

“Making friends with your thesis is hard.”

-Cindy Yen

friends with thesis

I like to meet new people 🙂

Making friends have never really been a big problem for me ..

But making friends with your thesis is a damn pain in the ass!

Running out of time! (tick tock tick tock)


First Day of the Week

“There is a need to procrastinate on Mondays.”

playing with cellphone

Monday always seems so long and tiring ..

But once you’ve made it past the first day of the week, you know you’ll make it past the rest of the week ! lol

So, don’t feel bad if you’re procrastinating .. I mean C‘mon! It’s Monday!

The game I’m so addicted to now is called LINE RANGERS.

It’s a game from LINE (the messenger) which is basically the messenger people use in Taiwan.

You basically have your own rangers and you pass levels so you can save Sally (the duck that’s being captured) when you get to level 192.

One particular reason to why I love this game so much is because the rangers are so cute and some of them have such funny expressions! The bad guys are terribly ugly but they also the type of funny expressions I like. I get pretty excited when I see new characters and basically study them all because they’re so funny and interesting!

So, if you’re looking for a new game, maybe you can try this one 🙂

Outdoor Sketching

“When the sun is smiling at you and inviting you to spend your afternoon under it and sketching,

you say ‘YES!’ with a smile 🙂 “


Well spent afternoon at the 2015 Treasure Hill Outdoor Sketch Event!

Treasure Hill is an artist village which holds many events each year such as art exhibitions, performances, etc.

Check it out if you visit Taiwan 🙂


I’ve always loved drawing, but have never gotten the chance to take any art classes.

Glad I have forgotten my passion for drawing, because today I took another big step!

I did my first outdoor and nude sketching 🙂 whoop whoop!


Since it’s outdoor sketching, you just pick a nice spot you want to draw and just plop yourself down lol

As you can see I just have everything scattered on the ground!

That’s what I love about sketching at Treasure Hill 🙂

IMG_0343 IMG_0338 IMG_0349

Once you sit for too long, you start sitting in all sorts of weird positions, and you don’t even realize it because you were too concentrated on sketching lolIMG_0382

Final product!

Almost ran out of time, but good thing I finished and is pretty satisfied with my first try 🙂

IMG_0383 IMG_0357

Bath it out!

“Rough day? Hang in there! It’s almost Friday!!!”

bath boy

When your guy friend tells you he’s going to take a nice, long bath and read a good book ..

I crack myself LOL wish I could be that keen on reading absolutely anything ..

ahh~I miss the two bath tubs back at home ..

Bath tubs aren’t very popular in Taiwan because of the limited spaces in homes ..

Ever wonder why you all of a sudden start missing everything and you just want it all to end as fast as a blink of an eye?

Hmmm .. it’s probably just the pressure .. oh well .. how do I cheer myself up? 😀

I say: “Cindy .. It’ll pass once it’s over! Hang in there!”

One more day and eeeeeeeeeeeeeetzzz …

FRIDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoop Dee Doo!

Good bye happy weekend!

“From a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your weekend?”


Feeling a little sad because the weekend is over?

Think about the happy/rested/crazy/fun/hilarious moments from the weekend ..

A smile, or maybe even a laugh, will naturally appear on your face 🙂

And when it appears, keep it there ..

let it face Monday with you 🙂

New week, new challenges! Good luck!!

Remember to go for any opportunity you get!

Artist’s Block

“Artist’s block? Just give it time to melt!”


When you’ve wrecked your brain for every little incy wincy piece of creativity and you find nothing but a solid block ..

And no matter what you use to draw .. may it be a pen, pencil, crayon, marker, highlighter, whatever you can find! ..

The block is an ice block ..

You simply can’t make even a single dot on it ..

Yup .. That’s me! I’ve reached artist’s block (sigh)

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn something that I’m actually satisfied with ..

To my surprise, the artist’s block image gave me ideas, inspiration 🙂

So let it melt fellow artists!

Just a little more time 🙂

Taiwan Lantern Festival

“On the fifteenth day of the new lunar year, we celebrate.”

lantern festivalsheep1

The Lantern Festival in Taiwan is one of the most important festivals in Taiwan.

This festival is celebrated by making lanterns, playing lantern riddle games, and having displays of shiny, decorative lanterns.


On this day, people would eat “tangyuan” (湯圓), which are glutinous rice dumplings with either sweet or savory fillings.

Tanyuan comes in different flavours such as sesame, peanuts, red beans and even minced pork.

However, the most original one and also my favourite ones are the ones with no fillings at all and they come in either pink or white.


Since 1990, Taiwan has held annual lantern festival events all over Taiwan, providing local people with the most beautiful, creative and cultural decorative lantern displays.

This year it’s the sheep/goat year, so there are many lantern displays with the animal sheep.


Where is my umbrella?

“What happened to my dearest umbrella?”

After a nice filling dinner and a wonderful chat with friends, I walked out into the rain,

kneeling down to get my umbrella by the door.

To my surprise, it was gone! 😦

What do you think happened to it?

Picture to words .. Tell my story!


It’s already March!!!

“The bad news is time flies.

The good news is you’re the pilot.”

-Michael Altshuler

Back in February, I was probably the most happiest chap ever lol

There were so many holidays .. Chinese New Year and then 228 (Peace Memorial Day) ..


And then when I realized the holiday was over and I did no work at all !

I felt pretty screwed …


And now it’s March already ..

This is me when I think about the unfinished first 3 chapters of my thesis that needs to be at least 50 pages ..

I literally just want to lie on the floor and have the ability to write 50 pages by just thinking of it in my head ..


And then when I think of everything else I want to finish within this month ..

I just end up rolling back and forth on the floor lol