iPhone Cover

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

-Steve Jobs


I’ve always loved the rectangular-shaped iPhone

Good thing there are so many nice iPhone cover designs 🙂

This iPhone cover belongs to a friend of mine..

I wanted to draw it the minute I laid eyes on it lol

I’ve always loved watching the blue sky with the floating white clouds (which is why blue is my favourite colour) ..

Even though the blue sky ain’t much to look at, it sucks me in and I can just dive into it for hours and feel relaxed and at peace ..

That’s one of the reasons why I like this cover so much 🙂

The picture also seems mysterious, yet gives you the feeling that one has to climb even higher up to turn the already so calm-looking blue sky to an even relaxed one by adding floating white clouds ..

One always has to work harder and climb higher to be able to reach its destination where the view is always better 🙂

P.S. Can’t wait for my iPhone 6 !!!! 😀


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