Valentine’s Day

“Valentine’s Day is so overrated.”


So, I began my day writing a story with my 10 year old student.

I give her ideas by starting off the story.

We each get one minute to continue writing what the other started with, and we make up a story together.

This is our love story 🙂

(Normal text = Student, Italics text = Me)

Dora is a quiet little girl with no friends. One day, she went out into the woods to play by herself. Suddenly, she heard a sound.

It sounded like a wolf. There was another sound, it came from the other side. There was a wolf on one side, and the other side was a boy named Cupid. He took an arrow and shot it at the wolf then the tree.

It was the most funniest sight! The wolf was in love! 

It ran towards the tree. It hugged the tree so much. He even kissed it. The wolf ran towards the other side. He was gone, then he was back with lipstick on his lips.

Dora couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She offered to help put lipstick on the wolf. The wolf was so in love, he pout his shiny red lips and kissed the tree. 

Cupid saw Dora being so nice, he shot an arrow at himself then at Dora. Dora did not notice that Cupid likes her, she only knew that Cupid is her husband!

Cupid snapped his fingers and a bunch of flowers appeared out of nowhere! Dora couldn’t believe her eyes! Was she in love?

Yes, she was in love! Next thing, Cupid knelt down to the ground saying, “Marry me, please.”

Dora was lost for words! She loves Cupid, because he is so cute and makes her laugh, but she was too young to get married! She thought for a moment!

Even though she knows that she’s too young to get married, she didn’t want to lose her chance! So she said, “Yes, of course!”

Cupid said he loves her very much and will wait for her to grow up and finish college before they get married. On the day of Dora’s college graduation, Cupid was ready to take Dora to his world. Their love is eternal and they lived happily ever after!

Lol hope you enjoyed reading our weird little love story 😛


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