Take The Leap!

“Make the impossible possible! Impossible means I’M POSSIBLE.”

Guess I’ve hit the stage in life where many obstacles get in your way.

You might feel like it’s too much pressure, you can’t handle it, blah blah blah…

Every time I’m stuck in a situation where I don’t know what to do, I just LET IT GO~ music note

Then I go to bed …

And then … WALA! I’m perfectly fine the next morning lol!

So, when the time comes, I’ll have handled it 🙂

Nothing is really impossible!

Never be afraid to take the jump, the fall might be long and scary, but you’ll always end up landing nicely on the ground.

What’s life without some fun without a few little challenges. 😉

All the best to all challengers out there (fist bump)

Favourite quote for the upcoming week !


(my attempt on making a meaningful picture into a photo frame from unwanted paper lol)


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