Killing Time

“Killing time! Because time ain’t going to kill itself.”

When it was school time, I longed for a vacation.

When it is vacation time, I…have no idea what to do with myself!!!

This winter vacation, I have decided to keep myself productive and working so as to prepare myself for the “going to work every day life” once I graduate.

But it’s harder than I thought. :/

I tend to get bored easily.

So what do I do?


1. Stuff myself with junk food

Food is me, and me is food.

My motto: “Never judge a book by its cover.” I’m not a person that cares a lot about my weight. I eat when I feel like it, but also end up not eating when I’m supposed to be because I don’t feel like it. But when I’m bored, I eat. Finish and klaar! (South African slang for REALLY FINISHED)


2. Doze off

I absolutely LOVE to sleep. I LIVE FOR sleeping.

I’m not quite sure whether I’m a light or heavy sleeper. I don’t wake up easily to sound, but I don’t just fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. My habit is that I always plan my outfit before I fall asleep at night, and still get enough sleep to be energized the next day. Even so, I tend to yawn, get watery eyes, and doze off if I wanted to when boredom hits me.


3. Doodle with my digital pen 🙂

Meet my new best friends, digital drawing pen (Bamboo) and digital pad (Pad).

I’ve been acquainted with them for a very long time, just never got the chance to get to know them better. It was last year, on 10 Dec. 2014, when my digitals showed me what “drawing” is really like. Found the fun in drawing with them, which provoked my interest and love for drawing. My digitals are the heroes that always saves me from boredom.


(Yea……I’ll never get any work done lol)


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