Week-END baby!

“No weekend, all weakened.”

Weekdays are always long and weekends are always short

But we should be grateful that we still have weekends to rest and procrastinate 😛

Don’t know about you guys, but it’s been quite a hectic week for me

seriously think I deserve a good rest this weekend .. both mentally and physically lol

So go out people, meet up with friends, don’t let another weekend go to waste! 🙂

I, on the other hand, just want to sleep till I’m satisfied 😀

Happy weekend y’all !!!

Introducing my new characters for my most recent video clip of teaching pronouns at work

Time to clock out cuz it’s weeeeeeekend baby 😉




“The best times are always found when friends gather around.”

It’s been a while since our team has gathered around together again

Nobody’s really changed at all and it’s just great to see some old faces again!

So today’s doodling is the gathering of our team 🙂

The theme for today’s drawing is: simple, colourful and STICKMEN 😀

To come to think of it, I used to love drawing stickmen

Most probably due my lazy personality lol

Today I’ve tried making my stickmen a little more … how should I put it?

colourful??? (hopefully)

What do you think? 😛

The Development of My Stickman:






Elephants <3

“The very thing that holds you down are going to lift you up!”



I’m a huge fan of elephants ❤

Elephants are not only cute, but they have very special characteristics that makes me love them!

1. Elephants are the largest land animals in the world.

2. The elephant is the only one mammal that can’t jump.

3. Elephants cry, play, have incredible memories, and laugh.

4. Elephants are social creatures. They sometimes “hug” by wrapping their trunks together in displays of greeting and affection.

Do you have a favourite animal? 🙂

Bestie’s Birthday

“Friendship is an umbrella that shields you from the strongest thunderstorms. All you need to do is hold on to it.”

Have a bestie that you go shopping, eating, chilling, gossiping, chit chatting, crying to, and even have sleep overs with all the time?

When it’s her birthday, you’d like to wish her everything of the best and hopes that she has a fabulicious day.

You get very excited about it but got nothing as FABULICIOUS to say to her lol 😛

Well if you do have this kind of bestie then it should be no worries 🙂

A simple “Happy Birthday” should do the trick 😉

She’ll know everything else!

So, keep your friends closer and your best friends even closer!!


Love you ❤

W bday

Take The Leap!

“Make the impossible possible! Impossible means I’M POSSIBLE.”

Guess I’ve hit the stage in life where many obstacles get in your way.

You might feel like it’s too much pressure, you can’t handle it, blah blah blah…

Every time I’m stuck in a situation where I don’t know what to do, I just LET IT GO~ music note

Then I go to bed …

And then … WALA! I’m perfectly fine the next morning lol!

So, when the time comes, I’ll have handled it 🙂

Nothing is really impossible!

Never be afraid to take the jump, the fall might be long and scary, but you’ll always end up landing nicely on the ground.

What’s life without some fun without a few little challenges. 😉

All the best to all challengers out there (fist bump)

Favourite quote for the upcoming week !


(my attempt on making a meaningful picture into a photo frame from unwanted paper lol)

Green for the Gloomy … T.G.I.F.

“As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.”

Black has always been the color of the outline of my drawings.

But, to go with my gloomy mood today, I’ve decided to try out green.

Green seems like a color for gloomy, but, to my surprise, it actually feels very softening and relaxing. 🙂


The color GREEN represents balance.

For positiveness, green is a colour of harmony, balance, refreshment, universal love, rest, restoration, reassurance, environmental awareness, equilibrium, peace. 

For negativeness, green is a color of boredom, stagnation, blandness, enervation.

Green strikes the eye in such a way as to require no adjustment whatever and is, therefore, restful. Being in the centre of the spectrum, it is the colour of balance – a more important concept than many people realise. When the world about us contains plenty of green, this indicates the presence of water, and little danger of famine, so we are reassured by green, on a primitive level. Negatively, it can indicate stagnation and, incorrectly used, will be perceived as being too bland.

Colors do tell a lot about your mood neh 😉

So, today feels very green, but let’s hope for a red one next week ? lol

Throwback Thursday 🙂 TGIF 🙂

Wishing everyone a very colourful weekend !


“Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life.”

-Vincent van Gogh

Killing Time

“Killing time! Because time ain’t going to kill itself.”

When it was school time, I longed for a vacation.

When it is vacation time, I…have no idea what to do with myself!!!

This winter vacation, I have decided to keep myself productive and working so as to prepare myself for the “going to work every day life” once I graduate.

But it’s harder than I thought. :/

I tend to get bored easily.

So what do I do?


1. Stuff myself with junk food

Food is me, and me is food.

My motto: “Never judge a book by its cover.” I’m not a person that cares a lot about my weight. I eat when I feel like it, but also end up not eating when I’m supposed to be because I don’t feel like it. But when I’m bored, I eat. Finish and klaar! (South African slang for REALLY FINISHED)


2. Doze off

I absolutely LOVE to sleep. I LIVE FOR sleeping.

I’m not quite sure whether I’m a light or heavy sleeper. I don’t wake up easily to sound, but I don’t just fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. My habit is that I always plan my outfit before I fall asleep at night, and still get enough sleep to be energized the next day. Even so, I tend to yawn, get watery eyes, and doze off if I wanted to when boredom hits me.


3. Doodle with my digital pen 🙂

Meet my new best friends, digital drawing pen (Bamboo) and digital pad (Pad).

I’ve been acquainted with them for a very long time, just never got the chance to get to know them better. It was last year, on 10 Dec. 2014, when my digitals showed me what “drawing” is really like. Found the fun in drawing with them, which provoked my interest and love for drawing. My digitals are the heroes that always saves me from boredom.


(Yea……I’ll never get any work done lol)

A Little Girl’s Dream

“You can’t get what you want just by wishing for it.”

-Tiana, The Princess and the Frog

I was asked by a colleague to help him draw a castle.

We’ve seen so many magical castles in Disney movies, but out of all the castles you’ve seen, is there one that made you want to live in it when you were a little girl? Have you ever thought about the type of castle you would like?

That’s when I put my digital pen into action!

To me, appearance is very important, although I’m taught to never judge a book by its cover.

So, my castle would look simple, elegant and hospitable.

The grey walls will not look old and dirty, but warm and welcoming.

The blue roof will add colour to the dull grey.

On the balcony, a green bush will be visible to the outside world.

The red flags on the roof tops will be bright enough for people to take notice of it from afar.

This would be my castle. 🙂